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In the future, bioengineered animals provide organs for human transplantation. Grafts of animal skin have replaced tattoos in popularity, which gives rise to a unique new demographic: xenofreaks. Bryn Vega's father is head of the Pure Human Society and when she's kidnapped by the Bestia Butcher, the most notorious of the criminal xenosurgeons, she assumes it's payback for her father's anti-xeno activities. Scott Harding is her taciturn jailer-called Cougar because of the claws replacing his fingers-but Scott is not who he seems. Deep under cover for the Xenofreak Intelligence Agency, he's been given unprecedented immunity to find the Bestia Butcher's lair and do whatever it takes to bring him to justice. When Bryn is forced to undergo a radical xenoalteration, she discovers a terrible secret: her father is using The Pure Human Society as a front for his own purposes. His willingness to sacrifice his daughter to accomplish them sends her running to Scott for protection, and into the hard-core underground subculture of the very xenofreak society she once despised.

WINNER, 2012 Global eBook Awards in the category of Speculative Fiction - Science Fiction.


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Xenofreak Nation

A stillborn child revived.

The past and the future intertwined.

One girl lives two very different lives.

By all appearances, Sorcha Sloane is a typical small-town teen taking twenty-first century life for granted. While two centuries in the past, Enid Thompson is a poor farmer’s daughter in colonial New England. But Enid and Sorcha are the selfsame girl – one soul split between two bodies in a link that stretches across time. Every night while Enid’s body is sleeping, she wakes in the future as Sorcha, just as the old medicine man prophesied at her birth. And every night when Sorcha sleeps, she wakes in the past as Enid, in a frontier world on the brink of war. She only trusts a chosen few with the truth, until Ben Webster comes into Sorcha’s life and tells her his family has been desperately searching for her for over two hundred years…

B.R.A.G. Medallion award honoree.


The Gossamer Sphere

“What I didn't expect was to be drawn, almost instantaneously, into a well-developed world that is believably what we could be in the near future.”

“Conway has crafted a fascinating tale that features a dizzying number of twists & turns, but she does it so skillfully you just can't put it down.”

“This is one of the most imaginative and unique books I have ever read.”

“I've discovered one of my new favorite authors.”


Genre fiction for the young adult in all of us

Aboard a scientific drilling vessel taking core samples from an ancient impact crater, student intern Kevin Guzman has one of his prescient feelings just before an earthquake sends a tsunami radiating out from under the ship.

Now a strange woman has requested his help in saving the world. She’d like him to believe that millions of years ago an asteroid struck the earth and converted it into an enormous communication satellite for the denizens of some distant galaxy. But the messages haven’t been coming through, so the Gossamer Sphere is about to “tune” itself-and destroy the planet’s crust in its efforts.

Kevin is skeptical, but given the odd things that have been happening to him lately, intrigued. All Caitlin O’Connor has to do is demonstrate her shapeshifting abilities, however, and he’s a believer. Caitlin introduces him to Lizbeth, the magician’s daughter with nimble pickpocket’s fingers, and Zach, whose weapon of choice is sarcasm, but whose martial arts training is more effective.

The teens aren’t pleased to discover they’re descended from shapeshifters themselves, and Caitlin isn’t exactly endearing herself to them. After centuries of watching those she’s loved grow old and die, she’s put up an enigmatic front, but she needs their help finding the Gossamer Crown-the only thing that can stop the destruction. Crafted from the alien biometal that gives the sphere its power, the crown either kills whoever touches it, or changes them forever.

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I grew up in the California bay area until my family moved to the Pacific Northwest when I was in high school. I went to college there, then spent the next twenty years in San Diego. Now I live and write in southeastern Washington state. My college background is in advertising art, so I dabble in the digital arts.

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